Twotone x Vera Cycling Caps Ship Early June!
Twotone x Vera Cycling Limited Edition Cap

Twotone x Vera Cycling Limited Edition Cap

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We met Céline of Vera Cycling at the Berliner Fahrradschau.

After the show, we were stoked to team up on our first run of caps.

Céline was keen to collaborate & we decided on a run of 50 in 5 colours. 

These custom caps feature Céline's own spin our logo by Yorit Kluitman and, to us, represent the nature of our business:

  • International – we pride ourselves in uniting entrepreneurs from different countries with new leads in our sales projects
  • Colorful – we love to promote bright, playful and eye-catching colors & companies in our PR projects
  • Stoked on cycling – our projects aren't always about bikes but we all love to ride. And #capsnothats duh!